Console Commando

A showcase of my projects and my abilities.

Jordan who?

Jordan Nash. Aspiring Object orientated, full stack .NET developer and community advocate of public undercover multipurpose areas.
My stack includes ASP.NET Core, C# and SQL Server. Details in my pdf resume below.



Bug tracking software built for teams to use
anywhere and on any device.


File Time Date Converter

File Time Date Converter. A desktop application that batch renames files and directories.

Idea for undercover multipurpose space

Idea for undercover multipurpose space

This is the Tonsley Innovation District. I use it's eco friendly design to promote an idea to councils and governments that such a place could be better than Expo 88.

The idea got on the front page of the Southern Star and actually became top news for the Courier Mail online. I used a pdf file to get my idea across to councilors. This demonstrates that I know how to showcase products your company builds.